Research ClustersPosts Agricultural and Environmental Biotechnology
Description This cluster is involved in cutting-edge research activities in phytoavailability of nutrients using nanotechnology approach. The role & application of microbial consortium to induce phytoavailability of heavy metals and associated plant responses along with application of soil amendments (organic/ inorganic) to facilitate the soil remediation processes are being investigated. Current research uses a suite of genomic/molecular/computational biology tools and plant physiology studies to determine how plants and microorganisms together can contribute to solve the environmental issues.
Thematic Areas SDGs: Goal 2: Zero Hunger; Goal 3: Good Health and Well Being; Goal 6: Responsible Consumption and Production; Goal 15: Life on Land

HEC Priority Themes: Agricultural Productivity and Food Security; Soil Health, Produce Quality and Precision Agriculture

Research Keywords (upto 5) Soil-Plant-Environment Continuum; Nano- and Biofertilizers; Computational Biology; Environmental Genomics; Climate Smart Agriculture
Faculty Involved Dr Muhammad Arshad (Professor); Dr Imran Hashmi (Professor); Dr Muhammad Ansar Farooq (AP), Dr Aamir Alaudin (AP), Dr Hassan Anwer (AP), Dr M Fahim Khokhar (Prof.), Dr Waqas Qamar Zaman (AP)