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In 2023, an anaerobic lab was established to conduct microbial and molecular analyses on various environmental samples. This state-of-the-art facility, supported by our collaborators on the MRC UK-funded project titled “Quantifying the Transmission Routes of Gastroenteritis in Pakistan and Developing Targeted Interventions,” is equipped with advanced instrumentation to meet the rigorous demands of molecular and microbial research. The lab’s capabilities are integral to advancing our understanding of pathogen transmission and developing effective intervention strategies.

Major Tests

Anaerobic Chamber:

An anaerobic chamber creates a controlled setting suitable for cultivating microorganisms that cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. Studying these oxygen-sensitive bacteria is essential in microbiology labs, and crucial for scientific research and industrial applications.

Biosafety cabinet level II:

A biosafety cabinet is a specialized piece of laboratory equipment designed for safely working with dangerous biological substances. It provides a controlled environment using HEPA filters to prevent contamination and safeguard laboratory workers from exposure to harmful pathogens. Biosafety cabinets come in different classifications and are vital tools in microbiology, biomedical research, and clinical laboratories. 


The Ribolyzer is a laboratory instrument used to disrupt biological samples for extracting DNA and RNA. It uses bead-beating technology to break down tough cell walls and membranes, ensuring efficient lysis. For DNA, it is effective with difficult samples like microbial communities and plant tissues, producing high-quality DNA for PCR and sequencing. For RNA, it quickly disrupts samples to prevent degradation, yielding intact RNA for applications like reverse transcription and qPCR. The Ribolyzer ensures reliable and reproducible nucleic acid extraction.

Thermal lite shake:

The Thermal Shake Lite is a multifunctional microtube shaking incubator perfect for life science research in molecular biology, biochemistry, and clinical chemistry. It integrates heating, cooling, and shaking capabilities, catering to diverse experimental requirements. Its compact design includes an easy-to-use control panel with a large multicolor display, enabling users to effortlessly set and monitor temperature, time, and speed, thus improving lab efficiency and accuracy.


A vortex mixer with a single tube holder adapter is a laboratory tool used to quickly and effectively mix small liquid volumes. It functions by creating a fast circular motion, forming a vortex in the liquid to ensure thorough blending. The single tube holder adapter securely holds one test tube in place during mixing, making it perfect for tasks that require precision and uniformity, such as sample preparation, reagent mixing, and cell or particle suspension. Its compact design and easy operation make it a vital piece of equipment in any laboratory.


The Eppendorf 5430 is a compact, versatile centrifuge suitable for various laboratory applications, combining microcentrifuge and multipurpose functions. It supports multiple rotors for different sample formats, offers speeds up to 17,500 RPM, features user-friendly digital controls, and saves bench space. This reliability and flexibility make it ideal for molecular biology, biochemistry, and cell biology labs.