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– Miss Anisa Tahir

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Environmental Biotechnology Research Group started in Jan 2011 at IESE, NUST. The group is working in the field of environmental biotechnology particularly on various aspects of plant responses to environmental stresses including physiology, nutrition, mechanisms, soil environment, heavy metals toxicity, nanoparticles application, microbial and bacterial degradation of toxic compounds, bioremediation & phytoremediation, ethanol production from cellulose, etc. We are optimizing experimental protocols, exploring new opportunities for innovation and ultimately contributing in the development of society

Major research activities

Available parameters

Instrument List


​ ​​Thermolyne Shaker

Thermolyne Shaker is instrument that help to form a homogenous mixture from more than one ingredient or mix liquids. Mixing and shaking are very important in performing different type of experiments. Which is used to endorese the molecular reactions of chemical substances.

​ ​Orbital shaking Incubator

This type of incubator often use for cell culturing in controlled environmental condition. In addition to stable temperature condition, its use an orbital agitation at variable speed makes them more suitable for the growth of cell cultures.

​ ​Incubator

Incubator is used to provide an optimum temperature for microbial culture. Incubators are widely involved in number of biological applications such as cell and tissue culture.


​ Ph Meter

pH meter is used to measure the acidity and alkalinity of liquids. Its widely use in many industries with applications such as waste water, drinking water, food & beverages, chemical and pharmaceutical testing.

​Hot air oven

Oven is mostly used for drying and sterilizing glassware such as Petri dishes, Test tubes and Pipettes etc.

​Flask Shaker

Valuable time can be saved by using flask shaker instead of mixing bottles and flask by hand. It is specially use for applications where prolonged mixing and shaking is needed

​Astell Auto Clave

Autoclave is used more commonly for sterilization of media, plasticware and glassware etc. Sterilization is the complete distruction of all microorganism inclduing the most resistant bacterai and spores. Moslty autoclave are use sterilize equipmenta and labware by subjecting them to high steam at 121°C for around 15-20 minutes depending on the size of loaded material.

​Portable Autoclave

Portable autoclave is used to sterilize surgical equipment, laboratory instruments, pharmaceutical items, and other materials. It can sterilize solids, liquids and instruments of various shapes and sizes.

​Water Bath

It is used to incubate samples in water by providing required temperature. Temperature may be controlled digitally and water bath cycles on and off to ensure constant temperature

​Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet

Its provide an excellent working area devoid of contaminants. Almost all of the research laboratories require sterile working environment in order to carry out out reserch work. Laminar flow cabinet is the solution and provide excellent clear air environment for number of laboratory requirements.

​ ​Microscope Triocular with Fluorescence attachment and attached Digital camera

Fluorescence microscope is used in different applications including localization of specific proteins, cells, intracellular structure and studying proteins interaction and observing live cells. The use fluorescence has made it possible to identify cells and sub cellular components of cells with a high degree of specificity. Using the facility researcher can capture video and images of sample with the help of attached digital camera.


​Chlorophyll meter

Chlorophyll meter is used to determine chlorophyll contents in plant leaves. For quick and easy measurement of the chlorophyll content of plant leaves without damaging the leaf.

​Comet Assay Tank

A technique use to study toxicology and carcinogenicity by detection and quantification of DNA damage in cells. The COMET assay units are specifically designed to minimize exposure to light and reduce background DNA damage.

​Computerized Microwave digestion system

The computerized microwave digestion system is used to increases reaction rates while decreasing digestion times for sample preparation for heavy metal analysis.