Events Innovation Talks for Spring 2023

Innovation Talks for Spring 2023

Innovation Talks

“Pioneering the Innovation talks for Spring 2023 at IESE, NUST, Engr. Baber Abbas delivered the first Alumni innovation talk to BE Environmental engineering students from batches 2019-2022. The talk was held on May 4th, 2023 at IESE Seminar Hall.

Mr. Baber Abbas is the graduate of first batch of environmental engineering at IESE. He also completed his master’s in environmental engineering from IESE and currently pursuing his PhD. At present, he is serving as Senior Lecturer at UET, Taxila. During his address with the students, Mr. Baber Abbas thoroughly discussed about diverse range of job opportunities available to IESE graduates in research, industrial and other domains.

IESE community expresses their sincerest appreciation to Mr. Baber Abbas for his willingness to share professional experience and insights with the future generation of leaders.”

May 4,2023 -