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Student Thesis Defence

Regn no Name Batch Discipline Supervisor Title Date of Defense
00000318675   Maria Yasmeen 2019 Ms Engineering Dr Sher Jamal Khan Reconcentration and reuse of textile dyebath effluent using surfactant driven forward osmosis to achieve zero liquid and hazardous chemicals discharge 5-Oct-22
00000319290 Usama Khalid 2019 Ms Engineering Dr Muhammad Ali Inam Influence of pyrolysis temperature on the performance of cotton stalk biochar for hexavalent chromium removal from wastewater. 19-Oct-22
00000318609 Affifa Aqdas 2019 Ms Sciences Dr Hira Amjad Effect of Coagulation – Flocculation and Sedimentation Pre- treatment Steps on Floc Characteristics in Drinking Water Treatment 19-Oct-22
00000327113   Maheen Salman 2020 Ms Engineering Dr. Musharib Khan Life cycle assessment of thermochemical valorization options for poultry litter 26-Oct-22
00000328150   Uzma Razzaq 2020 Ms Engineering Dr. Deedar Nabi Understanding the adsorption behavior of organic contaminations on conventional and emerging sorbents in water by developing new partitioning models. 8-Dec-22
00000318153 Arooj Fatima 2019 Ms Sciences Dr. Hira Amjad Monitoring Level of Pollutants in NUST Lakes 21-Dec-22
00000318827 Zia Ur Rehman 2019 Ms Sciences Dr. Hira Amjad Recycled RO Membrane Performance Evaluation On Tap Water, ICW, And MBR Permeates; An Approach Towards The Circular Economy In Desalination. 21-Dec-22
00000317574  Salsabeel Fatima 2019 Ms Engineering Dr. Muhammad Zeeshan Ali khan Assessment of Crop Residue Energy Protential in Pakistan 28-Dec-22
00000318868   Aiza Javed 2019 Ms Sciences Dr. Hira Amjad Water Quality Monitoring and Identification of Bacterial Communities in Biofilms of NUST Water Storage Tanks 29-Dec-22
00000321094   Ayesha Mudassar 2019 Ms Sciences Dr. Muhammad Fahim Khokhar Effects of Particulate Matter on Life Expectancy and Health in Pakistan 4-Jan-23
00000319477   Jawad Abid 2019 Ms Engineering Dr. Muhammad Ali Inam Investigating the potential of arsenic removal from water by ferric ions using response surface methodology 18-Jan-23
00000099683 Rabia Nousheen 2015 PhD Env. Sciences Dr. Imran Hashmi Microplastics Occurrence and their Potential Toxicity in Aquatic Environment 18-Jan-23
00000330794 Muhammad Usman Khan 2020 Ms Engineering Dr. Zeshan Utilization  of  Waste   Polyethene  Bags  and   Crushed Waste   Glass   in  Hot   Mix Asphalt 21-March 2023

October 5,2022 - 18, 2023