PublicationsPosts Journals Published in 2014
1.Novel Method for Preparation of Pure and Iron-Doped Titania Nanotube Coated Wood Surfaces to Disinfect Airborne Bacterial Species Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus
December 01, 2014
Waqas Latif, Ishtiaq Ahmed Qazi, Imran Hashmi, Muhmmad Arshad, Habib Nasir, Amir Habib
Environmental Engineering Science – Volume 31, Issue 12, Pages 681-688
2. Chlorination at Treatment Plant and Drinking Water Quality: A Case Study of Different Sectors of Islamabad, Pakistan
July 01, 2014
Sara Qaiser, Imran Hashmi, Habib Nasir
Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering – Volume 39, Issue 7, Pages 5665-5675
3. Evaluation of anthropogenic effects on water quality and bacterial diversity in Rawal Lake, Islamabad
May 01, 2014
Asma Saeed, Imran Hashmi
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment – Volume 186, Issue 5, Pages 2785-2793
4. Occupational Health and Safety Issues in the Marble Industry and their Potential Measures
February 01, 2014
Zahra, Imran Hashmi, Nadia Akhtar
International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research – Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 1137-1140
5. Visible light photocatalytic water disinfection and its kinetics using Ag-doped titania nanoparticles
January 01, 2014
Hassan Younas , Ishtiaq A. Qazi, Imran Hashmi, M. Ali Awan, Asif Mahmood, Hafiz Adil Qayyum
Environmental Science and Pollution Research – Volume 21, Issue 1, Pages 740-752
6.Spatio-Temporal Analyses of Atmospheric Sulfur Dioxide Column Densities over Pakistan by Using SCIAMACHY Data
December 01, 2014
Palwasha Khattak, Muhammad Fahim Khokhar, Naila Yasmin
Aerosol and Air Quality Research – Volume 14, Issue 7, Pages 1883-1896
7. Trans-boundary volcanic SO2 detected over pakistan from satellite observations during the time period 2004-2012
October 01, 2014
Palwasha Khattak, Muhammad Fahim Khokhar, Saud Ahmed Khan
Aerosol and Air Quality Research – Volume 14, Issue 6, Pages 1543-1557
8. Trans-Boundary Volcanic SO2 Detected over Pakistan from Satellite Observations during the Time Period 2004–2012
October 01, 2014
Palwasha Khattak, Muhammad Fahim Khokhar, Saud Ahmed Khan
Aerosol and Air Quality Research – Volume 14, Issue 6, Pages 1543-1557
 9.Growth Response of Wheat to Titania Nanoparticles Application
January 01, 2014
R. Rafique, M. Arshad, M. F. Khokhar, I. A. Qazi, A. Hamza, N. Virk
NUST Journal of Eneering Sciences – Volume 7, No.1, Pages 42-46
10.Assessment of the relationship between satellite AOD and ground PM10 measurement data considering synoptic meteorological patterns and Lidar data
March 01, 2014
N.T. Kim Oanh, Muhammad Zeeshan
Science of the Total Environment – Volume 473, Pages 609-618
11.Synthesis of carboxymethyl cellulose from waste of cotton ginning industry
November 26, 2014
Noor Haleem, Muhammad Shahid, M Ashraf Tahir, Muhammad Arshad
Carbohydrate Polymers – Volume: 113, Pages: 249-255
12. EDTA-Enhanced Phytoremediation of Heavy Metals: A Review
May 19, 2014
M. Shahid, A. Austruy, G. Echevarria, M. Arshad, M. Sanaullah, M. Aslam, M. Nadeem, W. Nasim, C. Dumat
Soil and Sediment Contamination – Volume 23, Issue 4, Pages 389-416
13.Exposure-response of triticum aestivum to titanium dioxide nanoparticles application: Seedling Vigor Index and Micronuclei formation
January 01, 2014
Sana Ullah, Muhammad Arshad
Science Vision – Volume 20, No.1, Pages 57-61
14. Assessment of micellar solutions as draw solutions for forward osmosis
December 01, 2014
Muhammad Saqib Nawaz, Sher Jamal Khan, Gabriela Gadelha, Nicholas P. Hankins, Rong Wang, Chuyang Y. Tang
Desalination – Volume 354, Pages 97-106
15. Effects of filtration modes on membrane fouling behavior and treatment in submerged membrane bioreactor
November 01, 2014
Tahir Maqbool, Sher Jamal Khan, Chung-Hak Lee
Bioresource Technology – Volume 172, Pages 391-395
16. Membrane Fouling and Performance Evaluation of Conventional MBR, moving biofilm MBR and oxic/anoxic MBR
April 01, 2014
Sher Jamal Khan, Aman Ahmad, Muhammad Saqib Nawaz, Nicholas P. Hankins
Water Science and Technology: A Journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Research – Volume: 69, Issue: 7, Pages: 1403-1409
17.First day of an oil spill on the open sea: Early mass transfers of hydrocarbons to air and water
August 19, 2014
Deedar Nabi, Jonas Gros, Birgit Wu? rz, Lukas Y. Wick, Corina P. D. Brussaard, Johannes Huisman, Jan R. van der Meer, Christopher M. Reddy, J. Samuel Arey
Environmental Science & Technology – Volume 48, Issue 16, Pages 9400-9411
 18.Mapping Environmental Partitioning Properties of Nonpolar Complex Mixtures by Use of GC x GC
June 17, 2014
Deedar Nabi, Jonas Gros, Petros Dimitriou-Christidis, J. Samuel Arey
Environmental Science & Technology – Volume 48, Issue 12, Pages 6814-6826