Seminars and Workshops IESE Seminars and Workshops



1) A short course on Matlab Applications in Environmental Sciences, at IESE-NUST

2) International workshop “Air Quality monitoring and Global warming trends in Pakistan” at NUST Islamabad from 15-16 November 2012

3) International seminar on “Climate Change and Security in South Asia:  Cases of conflict and cooperation” by Prof. Dr. Jürgen Scheffran, Research Group Climate Change and Security (CLISEC), University of Hamburg, Germany

4) International seminar on “Environmental and Social Issues of Ship-breaking in South Asia” by  Patrizia Heidegger, Executive Director,   Ship-Breaking NGO at Gent, Belgium

5) Climate Change Debates during Feb 2013 -14 at Institute of Environmental Sciences and Engineering (IESE) seminar hall NUST Islamabad

6) International Conference on Plants, People & Climate (05-07 November, 2013) at SCEE, NUST, Islamabad in collaboration with PCST.

7) International Seminar titled; “Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Framework: current and post 2015” on Thursday 21st  November, 2013 by Mrs. Madhavi Malalgoda Ariyabandu, Regional Program Officer, United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR), Bangkok, Thailand.

8) 3rd International mountain festival Pakistan from 09-13 December, 2013, a photo exhibition theme Hundred years of HKH Mountains by Flippo de fllipi an Italian expediter

9) International Workshop on Sustainable Energy and Membrane Systems for Desalination and Water Reuse NUST, Islamabad, from 09-13 December, 2013

10) International Seminar titled; “Pakistan’s mountains for sustainable future, various international and national experts, along with painting competition with theme “K2 of Pakistan” as part of  3rd International mountain festival Pakistan  at  Jharoka Art Gallery Islamabad, December 2013

11) International Workshop on “Membrane Technology for Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse”, NIT (SCEE)-NUST, Islamabad (13-14 May, 2009).

12) International Workshop on “Technological Advances and Challenges in Water Reclamation and Reuse”, NIT (SCEE)-NUST, Islamabad (8-9 December, 2011).

13)  International Workshop on “Advanced Technologies for Global Water Scarcity and Security”, IESE (SCEE)-NUST, Islamabad (2 July, 2012).

14) International Workshop on “Sustainable Energy and Membrane Systems for Desalination and Water Reuse”, IESE (SCEE)-NUST, Islamabad (10-11 December, 2013)

15) National Seminar on “Voices of Community (VOC): Sharing and Learning”, IESE-SCEE (NUST), Islamabad, Pakistan (27 March 2014)

16) International Workshop on “Water and Sanitation Technologies for Sustainable Development”, IESE-SCEE (NUST), Islamabad, Pakistan (10 February 2015)