Research ClustersPosts Water and Wastewater Treatment, Recycling, and Reuse
Description Membrane based water and wastewater treatment, adsorbents for tertiary water treatment, photocatalytic biodegradation of priority organic pollutants, nanomaterials for specific pollutants removal, decentralized wastewater treatment and fecal sludge management
Thematic Areas SDGs: Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation; Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

HEC Priority Themes: Water Management and Sustainability; Urban Planning

Research Keywords (upto 5) Chemical treatment of water; emerging pollutants; reuse of wastewater, membrane filtration; biological treatment of wastewater, Drinking water and distribution network
Faculty Involved Name: Dr. Sher Jamal Khan (Professor); Dr Imran Hashmi (Professor); Dr Zeshan (Associate Professor); Dr M Ali Inam (Assistant Professor); Dr Hira Amjad (Assistant Professor); Dr Waqas Qamar Zaman (Assistant Professor), Dr Musharib Khan (Assistant Professor); Dr Aamir Alaudin (Assistant Professor); Dr Erum Aamir (Assistant Professor); Engr. Nida Maqbool (Assistant Professor)

Specific Area of Research: Membrane based water & wastewater treatment, Aerobic and anaerobic biological wastewater treatment,  conventional and hybrid Membrane bioreactors, Physico-chemical treatments