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The group started working in 2014 under the supervision of Dr. Muhammad Zeeshan Ali Khan. Starting with Air pollution management related topics, it has evolved over time and currently works in following research domains.

Research Areas

PhD students – Completed

PhD students

MS Students –Completed

  1. Huma Naeem Abbasi (2023) – Assessment of Wind-biomass hybrid energy potential, site suitability analysis for utility scale wind-biomass based powerplant and technoeconomic feasibility analysis for Pakistan
  2. Waliha Noor us Subha (2023) – Technoeconomic analysis of Solar Net metering in Islamabad considering the policy factors
  3. Javeedullah Hamad (2022) – Solar energy resource mapping, site suitability and technoeconomic feasibility analysis for utility scale photovoltaic power plant in Afghanistan
  4. Sumaiya Hussain (2022) – Synthesis of Mg-Fe-CNTs composite for removal of persistent organic pollutants from wastewater
  5. Usama Jamil (2022) – Removal of Chromium (VI) from aqueous solution using Activated Carbon derived from Co Pyrolysis Char of Biomass
  6. Sara Saeed (2022)– Use of Activated char as pyrolysis catalyst for to maximize long chain HCs for jet fuel.
  7. Ali Shah Jatala (2022) – Assessment of hydel energy potential of northern Pakistan using GIS techniques.
  8. Salsabeel Fatima (2022) – Assessment of biomass energy potential, site suitability analysis for utility scale biomass based powerplant and technoeconomic feasibility analysis for Pakistan.
  9. Absar Ahmed Bhatti (2021) – Catalytic Co-pyrolysis of Wheat Straw and Waste Tyre focusing on liquid yield
  10. Momina Ahmad (2021)– Solar resource potential assessment of Pakistan
  11. Hammad Qadeer (2021)– Developing Emission Inventory of Passenger Cars of Islamabad
  12. Ahsen Masood (2021)– Catalytic co-pyrolysis of waste tires and Rice straw with a focus on liquid yield.
  13. Ahmad Hassan (2021)– Microbiological assessment of indoor air quality of hospitals with different types of HVAC systems
  14. Bilal Asif (2019) Effect of oxygen storage component (CeO2) on catalytic properties and performance of Co3O4/TiO2 for three-way catalytic activity under real engine operating conditions
  15. Bushra Muneer (2019) Catalytic and non-catalytic co-pyrolysis of corn stalk and polystyrene with a focus on liquid yield and quality
  16. Hera Iftikhar (2019) Ex-situ co-pyrolysis of sugarcane bagasse and Polystyrene using dual catalytic beds of Metal oxide and HZSM-5
  17. Madiha Razzaq (2019) Investigating the use of metal assisted HZSM-5 catalyst for upgrading of liquid yield in co-pyrolysis of Wheat Straw and Polystyrene
  18. Rabab Rabbani (2019) Assessment of wind resource potential and power production for selected sites in Pakistan
  19. Muhammad Jahanzaib (2018) Development of driving cycle for the estimation of vehicular exhaust emissions and fuel consumption of Islamabad
  20. Ramisha Azhar (2018) Crop Residue Open Field Burning: Emission Inventory for Pakistan
  21. Syed Asfand Yar Shah (2017) Co-pyrolysis of cotton stalks and waste tires in fixed bed reactor
  22. Ayesha Asif (2017) Assessment of Ventilation System, Comfort Level and Microbial Air Quality of Academic and Hospital Buildings
  23. Muhammad Usman (2016) Efficiencies and emissions comparison and optimization of commercially available domestic LPG cook stoves in Pakistan
  24. Waleed Ahmed (2016) Development and performance evaluation of non-noble metal based catalytic converter.
  25. Furqan Sabir (2016) Effects of wash coat on performance of no noble metal based catalytic converter.
  26. Ehsan Ullah (2016) Effects of catalyst loading and particle size on performance of no noble metal based catalytic converter.
  27. Laeeq Mazhar (2016) High Performing Visible Light Active Ag3PO4/TiO2 Catalyst Anchord on Alumina Beads for Phenol Degradation
  28. Muhammad Zohaib Farooq (2016) Co-pyrolysis of wheat straw and waste tires in fixed-bed reactor
  29. Naveed Ahmad (2016) Co-pyrolysis of sugarcane bagasse and scrap tire in fixed-bed reactor
  30. Shoaib Raza Khan (2016) Thermal Management of Catalytic converter to reduce Cold start emissions from IC. Engine
  31. Syed Izhar Hussain Shah (2015) Analysis and Estimation of Vehicular Fleet Emissions in the Islamabad City

MS Students -In Progress

UG Projects- Completed

Research Projects

1. Project Title: Satellite Remote Sensing of PM2.5 and Selected PM Components in Islamabad, Pakistan
Funding Agency:​ TWAS, Italy
Amounting​ US $ 5000
Principal Investigator: ​Dr. Zeeshan Ali Khan

2. Project Title: Source apportionment of ambient particulate matter in central Pakistan
Funding Agency:​ HEC Pakistan
Amounting​ PKR 11.08 millions
Principal Investigator: ​Dr. Zeeshan Ali Khan

3. Project Title: Optimization of operational parameters in Biofloc Technology
Funding Agency:​ National Cleaner Production Center Foundation
Amounting​ PKR PKR 180,000
Principal Investigator: ​Dr. Zeeshan Ali Khan