PublicationsPosts List of Journal Publications in 2023

1. Multi-objective optimization of concentrated solar power plants from an energy-water-environment nexus perspective under distinct climatic conditions – Part B: Environ-economic analysis
January 20, 2023
Momina Ahmad, Muhammad Zeeshan Ali Khan,
Journal of Cleaner Production – Volume 385, Article Number 135689
2. Microalgal treatment of high-nutrient wastewater using twin layer cultivation system
April 01, 2023
Nabia Farrukh Sohail, Zeshan , Rashid Iftikhar, Sahar Saleem,
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering – Volume 11, Issue 2, Article Number 109248
3. Feasibility Study of Anaerobic Baffled Reactor Coupled with Anaerobic Filter Followed by Membrane Filtration for Wastewater Treatment
January 08, 2023
Aamir Khan, Sher Jamal Khan, Waheed Miran, Waqas Qamar Zaman, Alia Aslam, Hafiz Muhammad Aamir Shahzad,
Membranes – Volume 13(1), Article Number 79
4. Recovering and reuse of textile dyes from dyebath effluent using surfactant driven forward osmosis to achieve zero hazardous chemical discharge
February 15, 2023
Maria Yasmeen, Muhammad Saqib Nawaz, Sher Jamal Khan, Noreddine Ghaffour, Muhammad Zafar Khan,
Water Research – Volume 230, Article Number 119524
5. Perception Modelling of Gwadar Port Baluchistan for Environmental Sustainability Using Multilinear Regression Analysis
February 22, 2023
Erum Aamir, Farah Naz, Fasiha Safdar,
NUST Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities – Accepted
6. Facilitating peroxymonosulfate activation for effective antibiotics degradation from drinking water by photoelectrocatalytic system using MoS2 embedded carbon substrate
January 15, 2023
Zexiao Zheng, Zuyao Zhang, Ka Chun James Wong, Cheuk Wai Lung, Musharib Khan, Juhua He, Ashutosh Kumar, Irene M. C. Lo,
Chemical Engineering Journal – Volume 452, Part 4, Article Number 139591
7. Investigation on the Beneficiation of Fluorite-ore using a mixture of Oleic acid and Palmitic acid via Froth Flotation
June 01, 2023
Aiman Fatima, Syed Sheraz Dawood, Shafia Inaam, Zaeem Bin Babar, Ashfaq Ahmed, Muhammad Zafar, Tahir Maqsood Qaisrani, Abdul Razzaq, Muhammad Usman Rashid, Sunhyung Kim, Young-Kwon Park,
Environmental Engineering Research – Volume 28(3), Article Number 220123
8. Carbon-integrated semiconductor photocatalysts for removal of volatile organic compounds in indoor environments
January 15, 2023
Adnan Ahmad, Mumtaz Ali, Abdullah G. Al-Sehemi, Ahmed A. Al-Ghamdi, Jae-Woo Park, Hamed Algarni, Hassan Anwer,
Chemical Engineering Journal – Volume 452, Part 3, Article Number 139436
9. Solid state fiber-dye sensitized solar cells (SS-FDSSC): A mini review
January 15, 2023
Ayesha Bibi, S. Wageh, Abdullah G. Al-Sehemi, Hassan Anwer, Mumtaz Ali, Hamed Algarni,
Materials Letters – Volume 331, Article Number 133437

10. Simplistic Comparative Analytical Methodology for Accuracy Determination of In-Cylinder Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient Models of Diesel Engine Operating with Water Injection using Experimental Pressure Signals
March 01, 2023
Asad Asghar Janjua, Sami Ur Rahman Shah, Emad Ud Din, Jawad Aslam, Muhammad Zeeshan Ali Khan, Xavier Tauzia,
Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering – Pages 1-14
11. Functional annotation and comparative analysis of four Botrytis cinerea mitogenomes reported from Punjab, Pakistan
April 01, 2023
Tehsin Fatma, Haris Ahmed Khan, Aqeel Ahmed, Fazal Adnan, Zeshan, Nasar Um Minullah, Muhammad Faraz Bhatti,
Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences – Volume 30, Issue 4, Article Number 103605
12. Antibiotics induced changes in nitrogen metabolism and antioxidative enzymes in mung bean (Vigna radiata)
May 15, 2023
Marium Fiaz, Iftikhar Ahmed, Sumara Masood Ul Hassan, Adnan Khan Niazi, Muhammad Faheem Khokhar, Zeshan, Muhammad Ansar Farooq, Muhammad Arshad,
Science of the Total Environment – Volume 873, Article Number 162449
13. Phytoaccumulation of cadmium by Pelargonium × hortorum — tolerance and metal recovery
March 04, 2023
Iram Gul, Maria Manzoor, Imran Ahmad, Jean Kallerhoff, Muhammad Arshad,
Environmental Science and Pollution Research – Volume 30, Issue 12, Pages 32673-32682
14. Performance and cost-benefit analysis of anaerobic moving bed biofilm reactor for pretreatment of textile wastewater
March 10, 2023
Hafiz Muhammad Aamir Shahzad, Sher Jamal Khan, Musharib Khan, Harald Schönberger, Frank-Andreas Weber,
Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering – Pages 1-12
15. Plant growth promotion and nutrient mobilization by indigenous bacteria from soil under long term wheat and maize cultivation in district Bhimber
March 31, 2023
Israr Asghar, Maqsood Ahmad, Irum Gul, Muhammad Arshad, Muhammad Ishtiaq, Raja Tahir Mahmood, Adnan Umair, Muhammad Ansar Farooq, Sarfraz Ahmad, Imran Ali,
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences – Volume 60, Issue 1, Pages 83-93
16. Metallic nanoparticles photodegraded antibiotics and co-application improved wheat growth and nutritional quality through stress alleviation
May 01, 2023
Anum Amin, Maria Manzoor, Muhammad Wajahat Ramay, Ali Hassan, Kiran Hina, Asad Syed, Ali H. Bahkali, Muhammad Arshad,
Chemosphere – Volume 323, Article Number 138189
17. Hydrological and ecological impacts of run off river scheme; a case study of Ghazi Barotha hydropower project on Indus River, Pakistan
January 12, 2023
Ehsan Inam Ullah, Shakil Ahmad, Muhammad Fahim Khokhar, Muhammad Azmat, Umer Khayyam, Faizan ur Rehman Qaiser,
Heliyon – Volume 9, Issue 1, Article Number e12659
18. Quantitative Assessment of Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Margalla Hills National Park (MHNP): Employing Landsat Data and Socio-Economic Survey
January 20, 2023
Hiba Ahmad, Najam-u-Saqib, Hamayoon Jallat , Ejaz Hussain, Zafeer Saqib, Muhammad Faheem Khokhar, Waseem Razzaq Khan,
Forests – Volume 14, Issue 2, Article Number 201
19. Recurring South Asian smog episodes: Call for regional cooperation and improved monitoring
February 15, 2023
Muhammad Fahim Khokhar, M. Shehzaib Anjum, Abdus Salam, Vinayak Sinha, Manish Naja, Kirpa Ram, Hiroshi Tanimoto, James H Crawford , M. Iqbal Mead,
Atmospheric Environment – Volume 295, Article Number 119534
20. An integrated multi-objective optimisation framework for municipal solid waste management and emissions trading scheme
March 07, 2023
Jun Keat Ooi, Zheng Xuan Hoy, Md Uzzal Hossain, Zhen Zhang, Musharib Khan, Kok Sin Woon,
Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy – Pages 1-15