Research ClustersPosts Microbiology and Toxicology
Description Environmental Microbiology research group was established in 2004 at IESE NUST under the supervision of Dr. Imran Hashmi. This group has taken tremendous steps for the setup of standard microbiological protocols and strategies. The group has initiated various steps for the water quality analysis, genotoxicity of chlorine by products, pesticides degradation and bacterial degradation of toxic compounds. The group has established its expertise in the domain of phytoremediation, heavy metals toxicity, fish toxicity, quorum quenching and wastewater analysis in order to reach at the pinnacle of international research. Numerous members of the group are currently part of the national and international renowned institutions. Efforts are underway to explore the new avenues of innovative research opportunities which subsequently contribute positively to the welfare of society.
Thematic Areas SDGs: Goal 3: Good Health and Well being; Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation

HEC Priority Themes: Health and Well being; Water Management and Sustainability

Research Keywords Water analysis, fish toxicity, microplastic toxicity, Quorum Quenching, Antibiotic Resistance
Faculty Involved Name: Dr. Imran Hashmi (Professor); Dr M Arshad (Professor); Dr Sher Jamal Khan (Professor); Dr Zeshan (Associate Professor); Dr Hira Amjad (Assistant Professor); Dr Aamir Alaudin (Assistant Professor)

Specific Area of Research: Degradation, Pesticides, Antibiotics, Aquatic biota, Quorum quenching, Constructed wetlands, Water quality monitoring