News Bioinformatics Training Workshop-A Roadmap for Success

Bioinformatics Training Workshop-A Roadmap for Success


A group of talented postgraduate researchers representing IESE, SCEE, NUST’s Environmental Microbiology Research group made a mark in United Kingdom. These young scientists were invited under the umbrella of GastroPak Project at the prestigious Earlham Institute UK for a Bioinformatics Training Workshop held from June 18 to July 1, 2023. A consortium of senior scientists and experts including Dr. Christopher Quince (Earlham Institute), Dr. Sebastien Raguideau (Earlham Institute) Dr. Elizabeth Wellington (University of Warwick), Dr. Kimberley Summers (University of Warwick) and Dr. Robert James (Earlham Institute) Dr. Leo Lahti (University of Turku, Finland) and Dr. Sumara Masood ul Hassan (S3H NUST) led several informative sessions. The overall curriculum involved Linux Command Line essentials, Bioinformatics for genome analysis, and specialized statistics with focus upon the domain of social sciences focus. This group has been working tirelessly in GastroPak project under the supervision of Professor Dr. Imran Hashmi at IESE, SCEE, NUST, who is leading the Environmental Microbiology Research group.