News Internship All-Stars: Success stories of IESE’s final year students in the workplace!

Internship All-Stars: Success stories of IESE’s final year students in the workplace!


“I was selected among the 12 Inkompass interns at Philip Morris International from almost 5000 applicants. I worked as a Manufacturing intern at their Sahiwal Plant. My project was to optimise inventory management and ensure sustainable consumption of spare parts at Line-level”

Meerub Anjum


Internship 1: L’Oreal (June-July 2022)


Project 1: Constructed a new model for improved MRP for better data input sensing, current & future inventory management, stock analysis, and production planning.

Project 2: Replaced multiple excel sheets with a comprehensive tracker encompassing adherence to production plan.

Project 3: Designed a Power Bi dashboard for inventory management including slob data, raw material & packaging data, finished good data, stock location, stock value and multiple other fundamental features.

Project 4: Constructed a business model for a new product.

I got my internship at L’Oreal by winning the national innovation competition L’Oreal Brandstorm 2022 in the Sustainability track where I constructed a business model for making sustainable skincare and makeup.

During my time at L’Oreal, I wasn’t limited to just one department and I could take up as many projects as I liked which helped me grow professionally and made me realise the career path I wanted to take in future. It was the most technically innovative and supportive workplace I ever worked in, which is very rare to find in multinational companies.

Internship 2: Nestle (August-September 2022)


Project 1: Presented cause identification and cost effective solution report for noise reduction in Dairy & Juice Plant.

Project 2: Researched solutions for caustic nitric use reduction for CIP to make their processes more sustainable.

My internship at Nestle was engineering focused and helped me grow in a technical environment.

Internship 3: Foodpanda (March- April 2021; during Covid online period)


Project 1: Ensured on-boarding SoPs for 335 restaurants with a productivity of 83.4%. Ensured quality of acquisitions, identified 24 issues in restaurant accounts, and generated suitable action plans. Devised reports for auditing.

Foodpanda was my first paid internship in my Sophomore year and it opened new avenues for me in my early university period.

Internship 4: Packages Group (July-August 2021)


Project 1: Conducted OHS Risk Assessment of ICM Z Towel and Log Wrapping Machine in Consumer Product Division (Tissue Manufacturing).

Project 2: Created and implemented a 158 point CLIT Checklist for OMET Machine for TPM implementation.

At Packages, I was the only sophomore intern among all the 3rd year students and was also awarded as the Best Intern at the end of the internship.

Fizzah Batool


I worked as an operations intern with British American Tobacco Company (Pakistan tobacco Company) from 26 July to 30th August. It was a six weeks internship at the headquarters office in Islamabad. The department I was working with was Environment, Health and Safety with line manager, Mr. Zain.

My main project was

1.Evaluating single use plastic of all depots/warehouses by engaging with administration and

assessing the alternatives for eradicating all single use plastic from regional offices and

depots.I presented with a plan that can lead to 1.8 Million PKR reduction in operating costs if implemented.

Other projects I worked on were;

2.Generating reports on excel to conduct loss analysis, identifying sustainable development targets for 2025.

3.Reviewed the ESH guidelines of British American Tobacco Company and general regulations like OSHA for developing a model depot and analyzed the deficiencies in already existing ones.

4.Engaging with companies and universities for new renewable energy projects and

strategies for Pakistan Tobacco Company.

5.Presented the concept of REC and Wheeling and its feasibility in Pakistan and companies for net zero targets.

6.Conducted Near miss and Pulsar analysis on excel from three months statistics and presented in presentation format the data analysis for incidents and mitigation strategies.

7.Installation of Sprinklers in depots for reducing water consumption.

Herman Nasir,


Herman Nasir during her internship at University of Qatar