News List of Courses Spring 2022

List of Courses Spring 2022

- Instructor Course Code Course Title
1 Dr Musharib Khan ENE-822 Solid and Hazardous Waste Management
2 Dr Sofia Baig ENS-808 Strategic Environmental Assessment
3 Dr M Ali Inam ENE-825 Agricultural Pollution and Control
4 Dr M Fahim Khokar ENS-804 Energy and Environment
5 Dr Muhammad Arshad ENS-824 Freashwater Ecology
6 Dr. M Ansar Farooq ENS-850 Advances in Plant Ecology
7 Dr Waqas Qamar Zaman ENE-845 Environmetal Catalysis
8 Dr Imran Hashmi ENE-802 Environmetal Impact Assessment
9 Dr Hira Amjad ENS-825 Agrochemicals in the Environment
10 Dr Zeshan ENS-822 Solid and Hazardous Waste Management
11 Dr Deedar Nabi ENS-810 Research Methods in Environmental Sciences
12 Dr Sher Jamal Khan ENE-809 Wastewater Treatment and Design
13 Dr Hassan Anwer ENE-924 Special Topics in EE (Functionalized Environmental Nanomaterials)
14 Dr Imran Hashmi RM-898 Research Methodology
Dr Muhammad Arshad
Dr Deedar Nabi
Dr M Zeeshan Ali Khan