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Patents Awards

Sr. # Status IP Title IP Type SDGs Alignment Major Area Inventor(s) Application No. Filing Date Award Date Concerning Office/ Registry
1 Filed Water Disinfection Using Solar Thermal and Photovoltic Technologies Utility Patent 06 Environmental Engineering Dr. Ishtiaq Qazi, Dr. Anwar Baig and Dr. Muhammad Ali Awan 396/2011 1-Jun-11 PPO (IPO-Pakistan)
2 Filed Point-of-use Filter for the Removal of Arsenic from Drinking Water Utility Patent 06,13 Environmental Engineering Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmad Qazi, Dr. Muhammad Ali Awan and Mr. Akif Zeb 1/2012 2-Jan-12 PPO (IPO-Pakistan)
3 Filed Immobilization In Mortar Of Chromium Removed From Water Using Titania Nanoparticles Utility Patent 06,13,14 Environmental Sciences Ahmad Hasan , Dr. Ishtaq A. Qazi, Dr. Wasim Ikhlaq, Dr. Muhammad Arshad 308/2015 27-May-15 PPO (IPO-Pakistan)
4 Awarded Development of Pure and 1% Silver-Doped Titania (TiO2) Embedded Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Film Protector to Disinfect Bacterial Species on Mobile Phones Utility Patent 09 Environmental Sciences Fatima Shahid, Dr. Ishtiaq A. Qazi, Dr. Imran Hashmi, Dr. Muhammad Arshad 309/2015 27-May-15 07-Aug-2019 PPO (IPO-Pakistan)
5 Filed Synthesis of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) from poultry Litter for removal of Heavy Materials from Wastewater Utility Patent 03,06,12,13,14 Environmental Sciences Dr. Muhammad Anwar Baig, Mr. Noor Haleem and Dr. Yusuf Jamal 693/2018 9-Oct-18 PPO (IPO-Pakistan)
6 Pending Reply Formic Acid synthesis from carbon conversion into Sodiam Formate Utility Patent 09,13 Environmental Sciences Dr. Yusuf Jamal, Noor Haleem and Muhammad Hanan Masood 692/2018 9-Oct-18 PPO (IPO-Pakistan)
7 Filed Sulfamethoxazole Degrading bacteria Utility Patent 13 Environmental Microbiology Maimoon Zafar, Dr. Imran Hashmi 89/2019 13-Feb-19 PPO (IPO-Pakistan)
8 Filed Sulfonamide degrading bacteria Utility Patent 13 Environmental Microbiology Maimoon, Dr. Imran Hashmi 196/2019 1-Apr-19 PPO (IPO-Pakistan)
9 Pending Reply Lambda cyhalothrin degrading microorganism Utility Patent 03,13 Environmental Microbiology Huma Farooq, Dr Imran Hashmi 469/2019 1-Jul-19 PPO (IPO-Pakistan)
10 Pending Reply A Solar (Thermal) – Electric Hybrid Space Heating System Utility Patent 07,09,12,13 Environmental Engineering Momina Ahmad, Dr. Muhammad Zeeshan Ali Khan, Mehwish Akhtar, Saad-ul-Khaf 768/2019 15-Nov-19 PPO (IPO-Pakistan)
22 Pending Reply Indoor Carbon Air Filter for the removal of VOCs Utility Patent 12 Healthcare Dr. Muhammad Zeeshan Ali Khan, Dania Khan, Warda Waseem, Sabih-Ul-Hassan, Moazzam Ali Sandhu 232/2020 11-May-20 PPO (IPO-Pakistan)