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The group started working in 2019 under the supervision of Dr. Hira Amjad. Starting with Water pollution monitoring related topics, it has evolved over time and currently works in following research domains.

Research Areas

PhD students

MS Students –Completed

 MS Students -In Progress

UG Projects- Completed

Research Project Details

  1. Project Title: Design and Development of Rapid Seafood Poisoning Detection System Using Low-Cost and Low-Tech Passive Sampling Approach for Monitoring Algal Toxins in Marine and Freshwaters of Pakistan.
    Funding Agency:​ HEC-NRPU
    Amounting​ PKR 8.4 Million
    Principal Investigator: ​Dr. Deedar Nabi

Co-Principal Investigator: Dr. Hira Amjad

  1. Project Title: Monitoring of Groundwater Pollution Status in On-Site Sanitation (OSS) Facilities Served Areas of Islamabad

Funding Agency:​ NCPC
Amounting​ PKR 0.104 Million
Principal Investigator: ​Dr. Hira Amjad

Consultancy Project Details


  1. Nil