Departments Department of Environmental Engineering

Department of Environmental Engineering

This degree program addresses subject themes such as Environmental Chemistry and Microbiology, Physico-chemical Processes in Environmental Systems, Water Supply and Waste Water Collection Systems, Wastewater Treatment and Design, Environmental Management and Impact Assessment, Air and Noise Pollution Control, Solid Waste Management, Modeling of Environmental Systems, Water Resource Management, Industrial and Hazardous Waste Management, Remote Sensing and GIS, and Contaminated Site Remediation, etc

Head of Department Message

Dr. Zeeshan Ali Khan

Management of environmental resources to protect human health and the systems that support life is one of the biggest challenges facing modern society. In recognition of the interdisciplinary nature of these challenges, the mission of the Environmental Engineering Program is to equip students with deep knowledge in their field of specialization, enabling them to contribute to world-leading research and specialized professional practice that helps protect human health, welfare, and the environment. IESE environmental engineering graduates at all levels are encouraged and supported to do research and internships. Our research has an excellent reputation in Pakistan and internationally. Many staff hold research grants funded by industry, research councils and the international partners, and most have close links with engineering practice through consulting work and research on industrially-related problems. We are pleased to share with you the many successes of our incredible faculty, staff and students in the department. It is our mission to implement new and innovative methods to educate and inspire our students and create future leaders in our profession, community, state, nation, and world.​​

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To evolve as a centre of excellence in education and research in th field of Environmental Sciences and Engineering to produce globally competent professionals capable of resolving environmental issues.
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