About Us History and Establishment

History and Establishment

The institute of Environmental Sciences & Engineering was established in 1996 in Rawalpindi for the promotion of higher scientific education in the country, especially in the fields of Environmental Engineering and Sciences. The institute aims to reach its goals by providing a learning institute for research, innovation and technological excellence in environmental sciences and engineering, produce internationally recognised environmental sciences and engineering graduates who are prepared to lead, and are competent to excel as professionals and entrepreneurs, and possess unimpeachable integrity.​

The first academic programme was offered in the establishment year (1996). The institute inaugural degree programme was MS in Environmental Engineering. Following a humble start, the Institute gradually expanded and offered a number of degree programmes catering to both Environmental Engineering and Sciences disciplines.

Within two decades, ​IESE has emerged as one of the premier Institute of Pakistan for the education of Environmental Sciences and Engineering.

The educational process at IESE is based on outcome based education (OBE) system, which is focused at achieving certain specified outcomes in terms of individual student learning. Outcomes are the key attributes that students should understand and be able to attain, and the qualities they should develop, by the time they graduate. The educational structure and curriculum for the Programme – Bachelor of Environmental Engineering at IESE is designed to achieve the outcomes, capabilities and qualities as outlined in this SAR. Continual Quality Improvement (CQI) seeks to verify achievement of these goals, and take corrective actions if required, to ensure a self-improving system.​